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Can you earn with affiliate marketing?

I started doing affiliate marketing few years ago and had the same question in my mind, though I knew that this can be the best job ever.

You can promote anything, you can work from anywhere, you do not have to create any product (digital or physical)…. and you get paid right into your bank.

No dealing with people, no talking convincing etc …

It seemed to be the best job ever… and it is but only if you can you make it happen.

As lucrative and fun it might seem it is not easy at all, especially if you want to make a living out of it.

Despite being an techie and well aware of web technologies …servers, websites, wordpress etc etc … I stumbled upon to the fact is that you need to have a strategy to make it happen.

First and Foremost – Remember its Marketing – so you will have to work upon your marketing skills most.

You will have to understand how marketing works on Internet … It is not just taking your affiliate links and start pasting here and there.

You will need to make sales consistently to survive and flourish.

Note: This job will require patience, perseverance and quick learning abilities.

P.S. You will also need money to run this business, you will need tools of the trade ( I will list down the essentials below)

How to make your first sale?

Making your first affiliate sale is always the most exciting and also the most difficult.

Follow the below steps and you will be way ahead –

Do not Pick a Niche – Well, well but everybody says you need t pick a niche .. .yes ofcourse you should pick a niche and stick to it. But there is more to it, you need to understand your niche, understand your audience.

Understand thr emotions, trigger points otherwise they will never buy form you.

See any one who wants to learn aff marketing wants to make money online, and you can sell them easily if you can find a product that helps them make money.

Do not start with weight loss, it is the biggest market online yet if you do not understand weight loss you will be just pasting links screaming lose weight lose weight ….

Start with something which you love, start with that product whose sales page resonates with you the most, then it will be easy.

Once you make it one niche, then you can go into more diverse niche.

Do not Start with Paid Traffic – Trust me you will burn your pockets.

Unless and until you understand traffic, and generated or own atleast some free traffic never try buying traffic.

Free Traffic Sources Do not take time to build– This is a misconception that free traffic sources takes time to build.

See it will never start generating traffic right away, yes you can start buying traffic today. But then what, sustaining paid traffic with a profit margin is master art which very few can master, atleast never anyone can in the beginning.

Start building traffic – you will learn about quality of traffic, demographics of traffic and within few months you will have a steady flow of traffic – free and your own.

Starting Points – There are many, I will discuss few that I like .

Instagram – This is one of the best traffic source available today, and marketers are yet to take full advantage of it yet. You can make some good money on Instagram – both as an affiliate and on shoutouts. Its less work more money.

P.S. It was easy making money on Instagram till now with bots like Massplanner and Instagress. But unfortunately recently Instagram has launched a witch hunt and closed them down.

Still if can build an Instagram account with good number of followers you can make some decent sales.

Blog- This is the best way to make affiliate sales, yes it takes some time but this teaches you the best plus you create an asset.

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