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What is the best affiliate marketing program?

Before we get to the product there is something even more rudimentary that needs to be understood.

  • What is your passion.
  • What drives and motivates you.
  • What’s your why?

You and your affiliate product are going to be spending a lot of time together.

There is nothing worse than working at promoting something that you could care less about. That’s why this question really should be, what is the right affiliate product for you?

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You will be spending long hours creating content, social networking, blogging and other related activities. The last thing you want to lock yourself into is working with a product that neither compels or motivates you to get into the game for yet another day.

That said, we can now move forward into:

Finding the Right Product

There are many ways to do this.

You can Google: [niche] + affiliate programs and uncover great answers.

You can join popular platforms like:

1. eBay

2. ShareASale

3. Avangate

4. CJ Affiliate

5. ClickBank

6. Amazon Affiliates

7. RevenueWire

8. LinkConnector

9. AvantLink

10. FlexOffers

11. Affiliate Window

12. Impact Radius

13. GlobalWide Media

14. oneNetworkDirect

15. TradeDoubler

16. zanox

17. Valuleads

18. Share Results

HOT TIP: When you think you have the affiliate product of your dreams. Buy it. Use it. Experience it. Then go out with empowered success to sell it. You’ll be in a far better position than 99% of your competitors because you know what you are working wit.

Commission Game Plan

In order to determine the best product for you it is necessary to review the commission structure of each potential opportunity. Found something you like? Compare it to the other available possibilities.

One Time Verse Recurring

Does your product allow you to earn money monthly or just one time?

For example, membership sites will often require a monthly payment. This means that as long as your buyer stays a member, you will continue to receive kickback every single month.

Low Verse High Payouts

On some products, you may only make pennies. For instance, when working with a product like Google Adsense.

Other products may pay you one hundred or more dollars for the sell. To find these puppies Google: High Paying Affiliate Products.

The advantage of buying something pricier is that your kickback is greater but your corresponding sales are lower.

HOT TIP: Work with a variety of products with some being higher payouts and others being marginal to have something available for everyone that stops by your web properties.

Comparative Gambling

No matter which product or products you end up working with, it is a gamble. The only way to know if you will be successful with a give option or not is to try it.

If it works, you’re in.

If it doesn’t, try again.

However, a friend of mine is upping his own chances for working with the best affiliate products in his niche by not advertising on his blog.

Say what?

He’s not going to make much money that way.

Think so?

You see, he launched his site less than 90 days ago. It is currently in the process of getting into position on the search engines. Once done, if he plays his cards right, he will begin to get a mega amount of traffic to his site.

So then he can simply add niche targeted affiliate products that his viewers would be interested in buying.

Google likes this approach because the authority of the site is built prior to marketing the merchandise. Google wants to make sure that it is sending the search results that it offers to high quality pages rather than just another random marketing attempt.

What’s Left


Or perhaps I should say that this exactly where we started. Which means, the start and the end revolve.

1. You do research to find an affiliate product.

2. You create the platform for that product to exist on.

3. You market the created platform

4. You start reaping rewards in the form of monetary value.

5. You do it again.

And again, and again and you get the point.

In fact, there are those who make mega fortunes from a single affiliate site. They do this in several ways including offering multiple products that would be of interest to the viewers who visit their pages.

HOT TIP: As your site becomes an authority in its niche, other opportunities will open for making money beyond affiliate marketing. Selling ad space from your blog or website would be a perfect example. Once you have the momentum built it becomes super simple. You’ll have people contacting you just so they can be displayed to your audience.

Concluding Thoughts About the Best Affiliate Products

Which product would be best for you to market?

Which is the worst?

For each person, this answer will be diametrically different. Find out what your passionate about and pursue that either within an affiliate marketing platform or independently.

Don’t forget to evaluate:

1. Your products commission structure

2. Recurring verse one-time payment opportunities.

3. High verse low price payouts

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